Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I See Dragons.

SEE 2 

I always thought fog was this really cool special effects that life sometimes gave us as kids, so we could play scary games and imagine monsters unseen, just beyond the trees where the fog obliterated our view.  It felt brave to wander off, wooden sword drawn, ready to do battle with dragons or demons ... Or my brother.

Turns out it is a scientific, nature thing.

I hate how they ruined all the childhood magic by making us learn science and insisting we did not have magical powers and that it is silly to be afraid of dragons.

I may have been awarded an "A" for putting down the answers the teachers wanted to hear, but I never let them take my soul.  I held on to my magic, AND dragons.

I know that dragons still lurk everywhere .  If you don't, then I just feel sad for you.  I bet you drive around and all you see are cows, an occasional bear and lots of road kill. 

You would have to give up on dragons if you no longer believe you have special powers.  I use mine all the time, hence I still see dragons and know when they are near.  Sometimes I even get to use my special powers ON actual dragons.

There was this lady the other day at the grocery store who was yap yap yapping about everyone and everything, telling everyone within the five mile radius over which her voice could be heard, about her neighbour, her sister, her husband, her kids, the school board who is plotting against her, the city council that is out to get her, and the police who are corrupt as hell. 

I was just trying to buy my groceries. 

People around me were looking to the heavens and whispering things under their breath.  They were moving closer together and huddling , the way people do when they are bout to be eaten by a dragon.   I  knew something had to be done to save the day.  Even though I did not have my magical sword with me in my purse, I walked up to the woman and told her,  "I see dragons.  I see you.  I have magical powers and if I use them on you, you are going to turn into fruit fly and this store just sprayed all the fruit.  I will take this apple and fruit fly spray you to death.  You will die young, even for a fruit fly."


I can't explain why or how the magic works.  It just does.

This is why you should all tinfoil your heads in science class.  Never surrender.

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