Saturday, April 16, 2016

Do You Feel What I Feel?


I have to ask, when people say things like "look great, feel even better" regarding second life clothes they bought from marketplace … what does that mean?  I have visions of people sitting there, putting the dress on their avi and then stroking their computer screen.    Do they know that computer screens are not like those books we had as kids … scratch and sniff?  I guess it doesn't stop people from trying.


Or do they mean that they feel better because they look great.  I don't know about you but my avatar Bliss is really starting to get on my last nerve - standing there - looking so great like she is all that.  I don't feel great and if she is going to claim she does . . . well that makes me even more angry.

What if it is an invitation for people to feel her and see if she is great.  Isn't that called pimping?  No wait, without money it might be "unwanted sexual touch," but then if she wants it, then she is just a slut right?  They really might be encouraging people to feel one another.

 Let's go with that.  I want to complain about that one.

So first of all, it means that computer screen will have finger marks all over them.  I wonder if you could lift those prints off a screen and take them in as proof that your partner was physically trying to interact with the naked bodies on the screen . . . you know, if you wanted a divorce or something. Can people go to hell for trying to physically interact?

You could rent a forklift and hide it behind the dirty laundry and wait until about 1:30 AM and then use it to break through the metal basement door and push the couch barricade out of the way and surprise him one night to see if he is really doing some work from the office every night until 4 AM.  And if he was "trying to feel" his fingerprints would be all over the screen and that would be irrefutable evidence, right?  You could whip out the thank-you fingerprinting gift you got for buying the CSI bath and hand towel set off the shopping channel and take it down to the police station.  THAT would get the ball rolling.

I just want to put it out there that I think it is kind of dumb to say some outfit "looks great and feels even better" when neither you nor the avi can technically feel anything.  It is kind of making fun of a feeling challenged entity isn't it?  Why isn't someone having a fund-raiser for all of us?  This is really sad if you think about it.  We deserve to be able to feel . . . and if we can't do that . . . we should be given a bunch of money at the very least.  I live in a 1st world and I have problems dammit!

That way we could all go to Disneyland or something . . . and just hug Tinkerbell and feel.

I would appreciate it if some of you would get right on this and organize all the designers and set up some kind of a Go-Fund thing for those people who don't buy clothes because they are always naked.  They should be able to give too or that you be like even more tragedy and we would have to have a fund-raiser for them for not being able to raise funds for people who can't feel, even though that is them too.


Damn, I have a headache again.

Just mail me my cheque when it is ready and I promise to send you all a picture of me at Disneyland, feeling Mickey, twinkling, and stuff.  We can cry together at how beautiful it all is and let those people who missed out on giving know that a second trip to Disneyland would be awesome too.  You can feel really good about bringing just a little bit of happiness into the life of an unfeeling person.  Call me, I will let you hug Bliss.  

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