Tuesday, May 31, 2016

All Hail Evolvement and the Unencumbered Breast.


Recently there has been a lot of arguing about the validity of bras.  Some are suggesting they are unhealthy for women because they restrict the lymph nodes and cause congestion which can cause some other serious health problems.  Others say that we are all just a bunch of stupid prudes and we should grow the heck up already.  One man has even done a study to show bras cause more droopage and nipple displacement than going braless does.

Of course, the lingerie makers, lead by a very angry, heavily armed bunch of angels and their fearless leader Victoria the Boulder Holder, are contesting all the ideas and insist they will never give up and are prepared to fight to the death.

I have a million questions:

1.  I wonder if the newly enhanced silicone army will be as enticed to enlarge their breasts if there is no longer any packaging to display said boobilage?  Sometimes a present looks much prettier all wrapped up with ribbons and bows than once it is opened.   Is a boob anything without the packaging?  Consider perfume in your pondering.  What IS perfume without the pretty bottle?

2.  What will we fixate on if we breasts lose their mystique? We can't go back and reinvent the wheel.  Does anything say mommy to men more than a breast?  And if we don't have it wrapped up in some kind of shrine . . . how special can it be?

3.  How are we going to properly shame our daughters about their bodies and convey that they must cover up if we un-naughty all the naughty bits?

4.  Can we replace the "breastfeeding in public," debate with another equally compelling issue that will both be contradictory against women and something that right wing and left winger can disagree on in a way that they feel it to their very soul?  

5.  What are we going to "heave" in all those romance novels?  What is the point in freeing our "milk white globes with their aching buds"  if they have already left the paddock and feeling no pain?

6.  How will the porn industry survive if we normalize the breasts to the status of other body parts?  Think about the strip clubs, the titty bars . . . I am weeping now . . . we will destroy a whole industry . . .

7.  And the most important thing that no-one has even addressed in all of this ….what do women do with the things when they are hanging down to their knees and in the way of everything?  You could frighten some senior and end up unconscious on the ground if you really startled her from behind and she swung suddenly.  Some seniors would never be able to bowl or even golf … they could end up hitting a breast instead of a golf ball.  If they are swimming, doing the back float  . . those things could float off on their own.  And imagine rolling over in the morning to get out of bed and they fall on the floor and pull grandma out with them? 


I guess we could say, at the funeral of the grandma who died from injuries sustained when her breast got caught in mixer while she was making the Christmas cake,  "thank heavens at least her breasts were free, she was healthy otherwise, and she did not suffer from lymph node congestion."  While everyone cheers for the unleashed breasts of the young and nubile - I am not sure anyone wants to see those of the old and wrinkled.  It begs the question, "just because we can, should we?"

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