Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bright and Bold.


Awhile ago I posted a pic on social media of a fabulous group of older ladies dressed in an explosion of colours and patterns and styles.  Loved it.

I was surprised at the reaction it evoked.  Along with many who felt as I did, there were those who thought it clownish, a joke, and a tasteless display unbecoming for older women to adopt.  Someone remarked that older people are invisible no matter what they wear. 

I put my glasses on.


Maybe that is the point, to make sure we don't go silently into the night, but that we make sure everyone knows we are still here and very much alive.  I want to be an older lady who dresses with my own sense of style, choosing vibrant colours and mixing patterns and breaking all the style rules.  I have always gone against the grain and made my own way.  I hate things that are the same as everyone else.

I was born this way, my grandmother was always telling me to, "stop it, people are staring at you.",  STARE AT ME!!!  At least you won't forget me.

You can try, won't happen.

We try to make people disappear.  If you are a large woman you get a tent dress in brown, black, or puke green as an option.  If you look in any store you will see fabulous colour and a million styles of dresses for women size 0 - 10.  After that, and the bigger sizes you go, the choices get duller and blander.  Bridesmaid dresses, every colour of the rainbow and all fabrics.  Mother of the bride, tan, pink or purple.   Older women all seem to have boy cuts or tight perms.  Their shoes, not only are sensible but come in one colour … sturdy brown.  Their purses are sensible and brown.

I say no more brown.  No sturdy.  No limit of colours.


If you find that distasteful you should probably send money to the "save the children of the prairies foundation."  When you grow up with the Hutterite Colony as your biggest fashion influence, where plaid, polka dots, and flower patterns go with everything, you are bound to be out of control when you escape.

That is my excuse.  I will be bold and loud … right until the moment they throw me to the wind. 

And I intend to talk to Heavenly Father about his obsession with white, once I get there.

SKIN:  Lara Hurley Skin-Gervaise
HAIR:  *booN SCO052 hair
EYES:   Egozy.Eyes Illuminate Turquoize
LASHES:  ATIA's Diamond Wings Lashes
LIPSTICK:  * Baiastice_Illegal lipstick Bi colours
EYELINER:  .Birdy. VIP {Eyeliner} Pack of 10
EARRINGS:  Lazuri Cocoa Island Earrings
DRESS AND SCARF:  Ghee aqua.fiesta Milla Top & Scarf
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