Friday, May 6, 2016

Travel Broadens the Mind.


I used to drive the little lawn mowing tractor around the farm and pretend I was in Paris, riding a scooter through the busy streets.

I would shout out "bonne journée" to the cows as I drove by and they would moo at me all judgemental like.  I could tell they were mocking me and saying, "THAT's not a scooter and YOU are no fashion model."  I would shout back, "jambes hamburger!" (hamburger legs!)

No-one cared back then that kids got bullied by cows.

I was pretty sure I was going to Paris as soon as I collected enough bottles from the ditches along the highway …. or got enough gopher tails . . . or sold my brother to the circus. 

I was so naive.

Looking back, I blame the cows.  All that methane, made me hallucinate.

But then Bliss came along and she can't smell so methane schwethan, we are having a ball living in our little world of illusion here.  I like to drive by cows now and flash some of my fashion photography at them and yell out, "bite me."


I do that because not only am I a beautiful fashion model now … I am really mature.  That's what travel can do for you.  Pass the international flavoured tea please.

SKIN:  ::Modish:: Mia Skins
EYES:   Egozy.Eyes Illuminate Turquoize
HAIR:  ""D!va"" Hair "Amanda"
EARRINGS:  LUXE. Tassel Earrings Gold
NECKLACE:  EF:  Benedictine Riata
BRACELETS:  InDyra Earrings and Bangles STACKS
SKIRT:  _CandyDoll_Luna Skirt Aztec IV
TOP:  (fd) Rose Top - White Magic
PURSE:  SHEY Bodrum Handbag
SHOES:  [The Forge] Fluer Heels.
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