Saturday, July 16, 2016

Etsy Can Trigger PTSD if You Don't Shop Responsibly.


Back in the Seventies, some people used to try to move out of the city to the country and set up little "hobby farms."

I think they tried to raise "hobby horses" and have lots of little girls they liked to name "Holly." Everyone was saying things like "There goes Holly Hobby on her Hobby Horse. She lives on a Hobby Farm." She always wore a gingham dress and a big prairie pioneer burka sunhat so you could never see her face.   And then some ladies started quilting her. It was all pretty genuine and innocent until some dude came up with "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly ...." and then it got kind of messy.


Suddenly all these girls from the prairies were missing and there were not enough milk bottles to go around to find them so they had to come up with a "Missing Person's Unit." That's when lots of "Hobby Farmer's" sold off their hobby horses and their hobby farms and went back to the city and went to work for McDonalds.

Other people in the city went to work for Hallmarks and made lots of calendars and greeting cards with sad faceless little Holly Hobby's on them ... because some people are just cruel like that and like to capitalize off the tragedy of other people's lives. And then even more insensitive people bought all that stuff and thought it was "cute" and we were really offended but no-one cares about offended Canadian farmers.  What can they do to you?  Combine your family to death?

And that is when it really hit, how completely and totally irrelevant we all were.  And powerless.  We were irrelevantly powerless and no-one cared that we were upset. 

People sell that stuff on Ebay and Etsy and even garage sales.  Now Holly is collectible and still the farmers are ignored.  When was the last time YOU hugged a farmer?   Any farmer pillows, bedspreads or coffee mugs at your house?

I rest my case.


I bet you are waiting for some kind of big finish to this story aren't you? Well, there isn't one ... this is just another sad, sad story of the prairies and how they consume the lives of the people who try to live there.

You should just cry now.

And for crying out loud, hide your Holly Hobby coffee mug in your desk when I come around.

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