Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Teleporting, Will You Live To Talk About It?


I was out walking around today in places where I was not supposed to be.  Am I the only one who loves when you click on the link in a designers profile only to end up on private land where some disembodied something types you a message that you have 4 nanoseconds to get off the private land?  Like, how does a designer fail to notice that her store is no longer where it was last night when she logged off and why wouldn't she consider that a small little detail that might be important to share with her customers? 

Advertising 101.  Store owning for Dummies.  Let people know where your store is.  Have someone stand at the door and hug people when they come in.  Give them a sticker. 

Don't move the store and hire some hit guy from the mob to take out what might be your last customer just because they clicked on a link YOU provided.

And what is with this 4 nanoseconds. 

What can I possibly see in 4 nanoseconds? I can't even find my mouse that quickly let alone my camera.  Without my mouse I can't even help Bliss dodge the bullets that I am expecting the moment we hit 4 on the nanosecond clock.  And where is the sporting chance in that? Where is the fun? 

 I thought all these computer games are supposed to be combat friendly? 

I think it would be much more fun if, instead of transporting you out of there, they popped up a wrestling ring and announced that you will be fighting "Bruiser the Bonecrushing Big Dude," and a little package appeared at your feet that said "click me."  And then when you clicked on it,  you find your leotard and "cup," and a list of the rules.  The rules should be simple and say something like, "last one standing wins, otherwise anything goes." And then there should be dramatic music, the bell goes, and someone bellows "Lettttttt'ssss Rrrrrrrrrrumbbbble" and that is it - you fight to the death. 

If you win, you should get to stay on the land and look around and eat whatever is left in the fridge. If you lose, you leave and have to wear a t-shirt for 3 days that says something like "Bruiser made me his bitch in only 3 rounds." 

I think this could be an important marketing ploy for Linden Lab. " Second Life, the game where teleporting could mean a great sale on lingerie, or a death match!  How bad do you want those crotchless panties?  Are you man enough to press the button and give it a whirl? " 


Of course you would have to be sensitive to the people who own the place and secure their safety but that is an easy fix.  Once you realize the designer has not yet connected the "selling items-customer shows up-money spent-ding ding-in your pocket" part of business in SL, a whole series of events unfolds.  The package appears, you get dressed, the owners are rezzed so you can see them, you run and pick them up and move them out back behind the cabana so they will not get hurt.  It would only take a nanosecond or two and they probably would not even notice that their sex balls had been rearranged a tad.  If they did, it would just seem like a new and exciting blip in the sex engine ..,. like. "whoa babe that position was epic.  Who knew the engine came with midgets.  I was kinda disappointed they couldn't stay longer.  Did you get their number?"
I tried to teleport in 5 times before I believed that she really did that.  I am hopelessly generous in withholding my judgement of people.  I have to be fair.  Like, maybe I just did not click my mouse right or something.  I usually only give them 4 chances, but I gave this woman 5.  
I hate the designer now, and she is an idiot.  I phoned all my girlfriends and she hates her too now.  I don't need the damn crotchless panties anyway.

White dress

MESH:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
LeLutka Mesh Head-SIMONE
**[PUMEC]  - .:HELGA:. - Mesh Head
HAIR:  little bones. Windsong
EYES:   Egozy.Eyes Baby Collection
LASHES:   OH Lashes
JEWELLERY:  NECKLACE - Ef: Talia's Heart Necklace - Loyalty
BRACELET - Elysium - Kira bracelet

RINGS - Schadenfreude Waits - The Briar and the Rose Rings
DRESS:  -tres blah- Belted Shift Dress
POSES: Slouch


MESH:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
LeLutka Mesh Head-SIMONE
**[PUMEC]  - .:HELGA:. - SKIN
APPLIER - Lara Hurley-Lilou Midtone *LeLutka Appliers*
HAIR:  *Dura-Girl*62 (Dark Brown)
EYES:   Egozy.Eyes Baby Collection
LASHES:   OH Lashes
NECKLACE:  Ariskea  { Sparks }  Moon Necklace
EARRINGS:  MG - Earrings - Shell  - Teardrop - Sea Green
DRESS:  [Cynful] Beach Dress - Lime Green
POSES: Slouch
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