Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I Can't Find My Panties, Do I Have Alzheimer's?


I feel cheated.  I never went to a party where a bunch of girls sat around in beautiful lingerie all evening, looking like models.

Why didn't I have any model girlfriends?

Why weren't there any model girlfriends at my school?

Why wasn't I a model?

I had underwear.  It did what underwear was supposed to.  Sometimes, at Christmas mostly, I got some  shiny synthetic underwear that had a hint of lace or a bow sewn on them somewhere.  Each pantie had a different day of the week embroidered on it.  I don't ever remember worrying about whether I was wearing "Monday" or whether I grabbed "Wednesday" by mistake.  Is this maybe the reason why my life is such a mess?  Was I meant to wear the right days.  Was it a magical ritual that would have made me popular?  I have to know.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE ANSWER ME.  Did it matter?  I can't remember it mattering.  Do you think this is the onset of Alzheimers?  I think forgetting your underwear is one of the signs.  I think I read that in one of those click sites where they list the 5 warning symptoms that you are dying but I can't remember for sure and I KNOW that not remembering things was on there.

Unless I am not remembering properly.

Then, is it, that means I do have Alzheimer's because I can't remember or that I don't have it because memory loss is not on the list?  But then I imagined it.  What list is "imagining things" on??

I had girlfriends.  I didn't want to see any of them in their underwear.  We did not have moon parties.  We did not talk about our periods.  We pretty much denied we had anything to discuss concerning the panty or bra areas.  I think sex education was a bit heavy handed on the "don't touch" message.  We were not just saying "no" to strangers, we were saying "no" to ourselves.  We weren't looking, we weren't talking and we certainly were NOT touching.  And if we were vagina-less, we certainly were not interested in one another's vaginaless bodies.  All hail undefined Barbie genitals.   

The failure of the sex education program to have us see our bodies which lead to no underwear parties is a pretty good argument for the separation of church and school. 

That's a thing, right?

Not knowing anything did not stop people from having sex though.  At least, thanks to sex ed, we knew how to do that.  It was pretty much a given that if you had dated a guy for almost a year, then you were sleeping together, but we never talked about it.  

Life was like that back then, you just pretended things away.  Don't bring up all this mind over matter crap like it is NEW Age and someone just discovered the secret of it all in some dusty old cave next door to Monk Mountain.  Our parents were experts in making what they saw in their head real.  They figured, just pretend there was nothing in the underwear areas and there could be no sex.  If someone ever confronted that whole idea by showing up pregnant you just sent her to "visit" her Aunt Matilda in Kansas for 9 months where she would have a wonderful vacation and be exposed to some terrific culture, and when she came back, looking a little tired , you could go on and on about how much fun she had there.  What baby?  

Of course, she is going to wear white at her wedding.  Aunt Matilda bought it for her when she was there in the big city.  Don't all virgins wear white?

So no, no panty and bras and garter belts .. .even though we wore them for our stockings.  We hated them.  Never occurred to us that they were sexy and what the hell did we need sexy for?  I don't ever remember any high school boy that took the time to undress and appreciate the girl's underwear before they had sex.  It was just kiss kiss, feel feel, let's, I don't know, please if you loved me you would, ok, panties pulled off and thrown, unzipped, go at it, 46 seconds passes, over, zip up, put panties on without looking at one another, and go. 
Curfew clock was ticking.  Those old cars had very little light in the back seat.  

So I am posting this pic under protest.  Women in underwear, the big non-event.  And if you all tell me you did it all the time, I will hate you so please do not speak to me.  I already feel life has cheated me out of enough.
And could someone please get back to me on the day of the week panties.  I blew it, didn't I?

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