Friday, September 16, 2016

Angels Among Us


I saw an angel once. 

His name was Bill and he lived in a box under the overpass near the car dealership.

I didn't know he was an angel at first.  I met him one day when I was running away from home.  I stopped to eat one of my sandwiches and he was just sitting there, next to the town grain elevator, watching me.  So, I offered him the other half of the sandwich.

He asked what I was doing and I told him I was running away from home.  He didn't believe me, he said, " . . . you aren't running, your legs aren't even moving."  I realized he was right.  I was sitting there eating a sandwich.  He knew stuff like that.  He said I wasn't really committed to the whole running away thing and I should save myself for the right time.   He said it really forceful, like it was a commandment.   And when I turned my head, a whole field was on fire.  Moses only had a burning bush, this dude had a whole field.  I got goose bumps.

There were lots of other things too.  He could walk on water.  I went down to the old swimming hole one summer day and no-one was there but Bill.  He wanted to give his cat a bath.  His cat was named "dog" because he really wanted a dog but he couldn't find anything but a scrawny cat someone had thrown out of their car.  He said life gives us what it gives us and we have to just have to flow with it.  He and "Dog" had flowed ever since.  Dog was scared of the water so Bill carried him in.  Bill sunk in the water with the cat but I know, without the weight of the cat, he could so walk on water.  Jesus didn't carry anyone when he did it because you can master the water when it is just the two of you but no way anyone can do it with extra baggage.  I also knew Bill was not a show off angel.  But I knew.

He didn't look that good in a dress but he did wear one sometimes.  I don't think all angels should be forced to wear the white dress.  He needed more colour around his face and I liked him better in jeans.  If anyone else had seen him wearing the dress he probably would have been burned at the stake and the world needs all the angels it can get.

He could also fly.  Once a car was coming right at him when he was standing on top of the overpass and I saw him fly from the top of the overpass all the way down to the ground below.  He needs to work on his landings though.  It was kind of messy, and feet should hit the ground instead of your face but I figured he did not get a lot of chances to fly on account of the whole non-show-off thing.   I never saw his wings because he would not be able to go into Mabels Diner and Combine Hardware Gift-o-rama and buy a pack of cigarettes if he made them uninvisible. Mabel  and everyone else would  want to touch them and have him do angel tricks for them. 

I did try to rub his head and make a wish once when he was asleep but nothing happened.  I was pretty bummed about that.  I even doubted that Bill was a real angel for a while but I considered that maybe a miracle had to be given and not taken.  Anyone could just accidentally touch his head and what if it happened when you were on a cruise and the ocean just parted and the boat fell and people were killed?   Besides, it probably was not nice for me to wish that someone would grow buck teeth, have a horse step on her face and lose all her hair.  I admit that was neither kind nor something an angel was likely to involve themself in.  


Eventually, I did grow up and left home for good but I never forgot about Bill. I still wonder about that wish As I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, I thought, "HEY . . . I wasn't asking for myself Bill!!!"   I never took Bill for being an avenging, apocalypsing type of angel … but damn …

SKIN:  New Faces - Brittany  [Summer] Blonde
BODY PARTS:  SLink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands and Feet
EYES:  Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes (Watermelon)
LASHES:  (amper) frequency hijack : lashes
MAKE-UP:  [MyDear]Hygeia Lipstick 5
Arzu Frost 10
Aras 16
JEWELLERY:  Real Evil  **RE** Anya's Pearls Necklace
DRESS AND JEWELLERY:  Celestina's Wedding .:(CW):. Chiara Couture
HEADDRESS - Astralia - Flower impact headdress
HAIR:  rezology Pulled Back Perfection
POSES: PoseSion
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