Monday, September 5, 2016

It's A Whole Freaking Rainbow Out There


For the longest time when I was growing up I thought I was magical.

It wasn't just about thinking I could fly, or that Santa was real, or there actually were fairies that drank out of the bluebells at night while we slept . . . I believed I had gifted sight.

I saw colour.

If you consider TV's were black and white, I could not believe that was how everyone else saw the world.  I could see colour.  It made me really sad for the rest of mankind.  So I spent most of the years between 3 - 8 weeping for them.  I realized colours, for them, was just names written on Crayola's.  They could pick up "yellow" for the sun and "blue" for the sky but it was all just grey and rainy.


I lit candles for them.

I wrote letters to Santa, Jesus, and Bewitched . . . just in case we were only being warned off witches because they really were the ones who could help us.  How stupid would I feel if I left her off the list and grew up to find out that the witches had it?   Samantha seemed like a nice person, a little stupid, but nice. Then my brother was diagnosed as being colour blind and my grandmother said my grandfather was too. Evidently they confused red for green all the time which I find myself asking, as I type this, how the heck they ever held driver's licenses being as those two colours figure pretty prominently in the whole stop light little diddy thing that helps control intersections. I tested my grandmother and was surprised she could tell the difference between red and green and when I slipped in a pink she even called it.

Paradigm shift.  Deep trauma inflicted!

The whole world got together and pretended they could not see colour ... just to mess with me.  My therapist said I have a persecution complex.  What else did they expect when everyone was out to get me like that?

I got it.   I realized they could all see colour and I had wasted years of my life feeling sorry for them and all those prayers could have been directed towards much more relevant things.  I could have asked to please beat Colleen Jackson at skipping just once, or please make my brother get bucked off the horse and break his leg so that I could have his new boots.  Those things could have been life changers for me.

I also realized that most of the kids in kindergarten really sucked at art ... I mean pink cows??? Come on, where were the docked marks for failing to grasp any sense of realism in the portrayal of barnyard animals? We lived on farms for crying out loud.

Yup, 8 years of age, the winter of my awakening.  The year I left childhood misconceptions behind and became a hardened adult.

I  realized that Samantha  on Bewitched was not any kind of a real witch ... she was a lot older than I was and she had completely been sucked into the black and white conspiracy ... running around on TV in just black and white, albeit fashionable, outfits.  I actually think she could have worn technicolour quite nicely .. she had good bone structure.  She was wasted on old TV.

Yup, 8 was when I woke up and poured myself a cup of black coffee.  As I stirred in half a sugar bowl of white sugar, I laughed at the irony of it all.  I knew I had to get the hell outta' dodge as soon as the bus pulled up so I wrote the Partridge Family, sent them a demo tape, and offered to marry Keith, Danny or even Reuben.  I offered to waive the 8 cow premarital arrangement normally expected for farmer's daughters.


So ya, the bus should be here any minute … I am out sitting at the end of the lane.  Nothing is going to deter me, not the fact the family moved, my grandparents died, or that I have lived on gopher road kill.  I have a vision for my life.  My pension should kick in soon and I may be able to afford first class on the bus.  Keith will be waiting and I have to give him kudos for keeping himself for me.  THAT is love.

So hey, this is a love story.  Someone cue the soapy romantic music.  I will start heaving my breasts.

SKIN:  Pink Fuel [PF] Morgana - Makeup #2
BODY PARTS:  SLink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands and Feet
HAIR:  rezology Retro and Ravishing
EYES:  Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes (Watermelon)
LASHES:  ~ Essences ~ Eyelashes Perla
EYEBROWS:  Just Magnetized  Natural Brows - set 01 - Brunette
DRESS:  Faster Pussycat  FP ISABEL Cocktail Dress - red
JEWELLERY:  MINIMAL - Crossroad Necklace Gold
SHOES:  [whatever] Lithium - red
POSES: PoseSion
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