Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I Has Several Tents.


I love wearing these sort of clothes where there is all this extra material.  There are arm holes and maybe leg holes, some place for the neck, tons of drapey material … and you just wing it.

I especially like that you end up with a new permeation of it every time you get dressed.  It can go from a dress to pants to a scarf even, if you are really pressed for time.  It is really cool how that all comes together.  I would, however, like to caution you that some things can really not translate as well as you think they can.  Vintage can be a knife's blade in fashion.  A model can strut down a faded dress with a torn sweater down the runway and it is really cool.  Even wearing a table cloth for a fashion magazine, if there are enough cabbage roses and gauze, can look incredible.  Try wearing a tea towel your great grandma crocheted as a top to school and even you admit it was not that fashionable by the time you hit the 6 month of your detention served sitting with the minister as he reads you the Bible, and talks to you about being a precious rose and how you only blossom and share your sweet perfume and your two special buds with your husband on your wedding night.

I would have preferred to just be bullied.  Lots of kids are bullied for wearing vintage.  You can't call it vintage if it is a hand me down from your older brother who got it from a kid whose older brother got it from a second hand shop because the younger brother of the guy who gave it to him, dropped it in the garbage because he hated it and some old lady found it, washed it, and took it to the shop.  That is not vintage.  That is just sad.    

I am pretty sure that Uncle John was sad.  


It was his long underwear that I found up in the attic and because it was red and heaps too big for me and in pretty good condition, I thought I would be able to do something really cool with it.  I really need to caution you here against wearing anyone's old long underwear that has come back into style, thinking you are nailing the whole vintage vibe.  All that extra material and confusion about where the head, arms and legs go is just too much.  There is a very real possibility your head could accidentally end up somewhere in a hold that is actually the back flap.   I can't really go into detail about how I know this because my therapist says we are not quite there yet, but ya . . . always be clear on whether those kinds of holes exist in the garment.  Tell your Uncle John you love him, and offer to tie one of his old hankerchiefs around your head.  He is probably too old to even remember your name anyway.

These types of outfits are fun to sew too because you basically grab material, find another edge, sew it together and hunt for another couple of edges to sew.  People think you are avant garde.  If they had done this kind of garment in 4H Sewing instead of that damn iron mitt, or the apron, I so would have beat that damn Karen Geier Karen Geier's mom.

rtfd 2

The other biggy is that people might actually think you are all skinny under there, or that you have excellent breast stuff going on.  When they can't see, and the material is billowing … anything is possible.  The only thing is, if you aren't skinny, you need to do something about camouflaging the legs.  I like to take a large dog with me, or three small children so that they hide my legs and there are no giveaways.

rtfd 1

Hubby says thes kind of outfits are awesome, because if we are ever out in the jungle and we got lost, we would have a tent for us to sleep in.  I don't know how he can be sure that there isn't already someone in here sharing my "tent?"  I also don't think men should take their partner, or her tent, for granted.  I am pretty sure that was one of the commandments given to Moses but Moses ran out of tablet to write that on.  That was probably because he forgot to pick them up when he went shopping.  And we have all paid the price ever since.

Of course, there is a small chance that my husband was being facetious about even liking these dresses.   It would be a dangerous move, but he might have moved.  He was in the army.  He knows how to live dangerously.  That is why he married me.

So ya, there you have it, today's mind leap from SL fashion to real world fashion, to childhood trauma, to a reminder to kill Karen Geier, to stupid things men say when they want to die, to Bible stories, to more stupid things men do when they want to die.

I am exhausted.

rtfd 3

I am also done.  Going to climb into my "tent" zip it up, and colour.    Javier is sharpening my pencils as I type.

SKIN:  R.icielli - BELLA Skins
BODY PARTS:  SLink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands and Feet
HAIR:  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Kirsty"
LASHES:  Hush - Lashes - Lush
EYES:  Egozy.Eyes (Turquoize)
JEWELLERY: MG -  Coachella Valley Dula
DRESS: Jumper *PoseSion* Africa Set
SHOES:  JD - Lucia Leather
POSES: PoseSion

MESH BODY:  Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara
MESH HEAD:  Genesis Kenna
LASHES:  Hush - Lashes - Lush
EYES:   Genesis
MAKE-UP:  Genesis
JEWELLERY:  Necklace:  *AvaWay* Nikki_Necklace
                       Bracelet:  AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_Wrist Cuff Bracelet_Metal
DRESS:  RAPTURE -Dress Anna- White
SHOES:  R.icielli - NANCY High Heels
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