Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life Is But A Dream


It was a great dream, there I was packing up treasures from home, me being the recipient of undiscovered treasures.  Suddenly there were rooms that I never knew were there and the stuff in those rooms was beyond awesome.  Then it morphed into walking by the beach and watching the dolphins jump and then I was being swept way out to sea by a giant wave and pushed miles away and me thinking I could use my hands in my rubber dinghy to get myself back.  Thank heavens I hit the wall on the far side with the flocked wallpaper or I would have probably been a goner.

Then I woke up.

That was the start of my day.

I opened up my Email and some dude wrote to tell me I had won a lottery I forgot I had entered and there he was, in Africa, with my money, and all he wanted to do was to send it to me.  Of course, I fired off the shipping cost and all my banking details so that he could get it to me. 

When I went to Facebook someone had sent me a really awesome story on dolphins.  They were right, what those dolphins did next, I could not even believe it.   Then I went to YouTube and the relaxation video about the beach started playing on its own.  I swear I did not touch the enter on the keyboard once.  I sat there, closed my eyes and felt swept away.  I reached out and my hand touched my stress ball and I realized it was made of rubber!!  Are you getting shivers yet?  I was so freaked out that I was sure that I was in some kind of Twilight Episode or that Alfred himself was going to stroll into the room in his tux and say "Good Evening."  It was freakkkky.


I am huddled in a closet now afraid to come out even though hubby says that supper is ready.  What if I walk down the hall and someone has snuck in and wallpapered the whole thing in flock and I trip and fall and smack up against it?  What if I wake up and this life is not even real?  What if it is all some kind of matrix or something?

Oh my God, I am a Conspiracy Theorist!

MESH BODY:  Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara
EYES:  Genesis
HEELS:  R.icielli Nancy Heels

HAIR:  Bizarre Hair  Ganesha
GOWN:  Glam Dreams Alfonsina

HAIR:  .:EMO-tions:. * CHEVIA*/chocolate
JEWELLERY:   [MANDALA]Hoshigaki Earrings
GOWN:  Glam Dreams " Catherine " Yellow Rhinestones Gown 

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