Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pass The Candy Floss

fair 2a

I imagine most people have seen the video by now of the big ride that broke down and sent people flying off into the air.  Ya … that pretty much sums up why I don't do the rides anymore.

Like most kids, I was all over the rides.  Growing up and attending almost every world famous Stampede during those years, we had a good exposure to rides.  I always wanted the latest and greatest.  There is something about rides that are just thrown up in a few hours having travelled from some other little Canadian town's animal and veggie-o-rama.  It is like a prairie kids one chance to live on the edge.

That and eating the crap they sell there.

Then you become a mother and the whole throwing up bit sort of loses its charm.  (not to mention the prices)  I didn't want to throw up and I wasn't real keen on cleaning up the throw up from my kids who wanted to ride.  They already lived in the city.  They didn't NEED the rides, they had downtown and surviving Junior High to give them all the life and death situations they could possibly NEED.  I saved them from wheat and cows for crying out loud - why can't kids ever be happy with what they have?

I do feel sorry for the people who die or are maimed on those rides. What kind of a legacy is that? "Grandma was killed by a giant tea cup" does not have the same ring to it as "she died fighting Indians when she decided to swim and walk from England to the US and then across the mountains to the promised land."  How is a kid supposed to feel good about their roots?

People who put their kids on rides should have them taken away because they are not good parents.  Well, they are, of course, they are, but they are going to take all the kids eventually anyway … if they are going to go to a fair or a theme park instead of protesting or doing something about it,  might as well hand the kids in now.  I  know someone is going to argue that I should have been taken away from  my parents then because they let me ride those things and my reply?  Yes, someone, ANYONE, should have taken me away from my parents.  It was the only humanitarian thing to do and I am still pretty angry about the fact that never happened.

Yes, I am triggered.  And now I will probably go and burn some candy floss.  I am a child of the seventies.  I should be busy going placidly but instead, I am throwing tantrums and plotting the freedom of thousands, maybe millions of children.   They should have been much more careful about which parts of my brain they fried.   I probably should not have eaten that candy.  Never accept candy from a strange person, especially if they are members of your family.

Consider this another public service announcement on the dangers of amusement parks.

fair 3a

You're welcome.

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