Friday, August 18, 2017

The Mother of All Inventions.

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I am a responsible blogger who sees fashion as a gateway to life.  I figure, as long as we are all expected to get dressed each morning - fashion is a gateway drug to anything you want to blame on it.  Most criminals are clothed when they commit crimes.  Maybe it is not their upbringing at all, but the fact their pants do not go with the shirt they chose.

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Fashion is going to have to become armour soon.  If police in the US have the right to conduct cavity searches on the side of the road, as the whim takes them . . . I am thinking chastity belts … with the key left at home (along with my chastity that I lost sooo long ago I have no idea where to even begin looking.)  If they can't get in, they cannot even prove a cavity exists that needs to be examined.   It might provide some protection.  At least the cop has to present his case and get a search warrant and take me to the hospital to have it done before he storms the castle with him and his buddies watching on.  I think I might get to wear one of those paper gowns at least and those babies have dignity written all over them.

I also think we are going to need some kind of bullet proof bubble around us.  For crying out loud we protect dolls in the store.  We keep them safe in their packaging.  People need a college degree, an array of power tools and years in the gym to be able to free the doll from its packaging.  Humans should be safe too so not just anyone (not mentioning any names but it rhymes with Coleece and starts with "P") can open the "package."  That could have the added package of training men to slow down and delay gratification.  We may get some foreplay out of them yet.

We could also have clothes made out of those carnival mirrors that either make the wearer look thinner or all the people looking at you . . . Fatter!

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Ya, so I am pretty much an inventive fashionista.  I just travel through life inventing all kinds of things, solving world issues with fashion.  This has absolutely nothing to do with this picture but these are my thoughts.   She has pink hair and we know that any hair colour that is not natural means the person is a deviant.  She must be a criminal.    I have to go now, it is craft time at the asylum and today we are making Paper Mache wombats.

MESH BODY:  Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara
HAIR:  *Dura-Girl*61 (Baby Pink)
EYES:  Egozy Eyes Green
CLOTHES:  GizzA - Olivia Cardigan Set [Pink] Cardigan, Denim Skirt, Earmuff,  Scarf, Shades, Sneakers
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