Monday, October 16, 2017

I Love Second Life.


I really like Second Life. It protects you from the harsh realities of the real world.

Putting aside that you can fly and magically teleport yourself wherever you want to be in a matter of seconds, there is the factor that you can wander mountains in your lingerie. I mean you can do that in real life too but the lace tends to get caught in the rocks, and your toes tend to get stubbed and bloody which takes away from the whole effortless fashionista kind of thing.
And you can wear your underwear to the store, or to the concert, or to the wedding, or the sporting event or anywhere you want to really.  You can put a pig on your head, you can buy ginormous boobs and hide a bicycle riding monkey in the cleavage and wander around butt naked.
Second Life is like the giant Walmart in the Cloud.  No matter what you wear, and where you wander, you are pretty much guaranteed that someone there is going to look or act stupider than you. 
If you want to guarantee that 100%, just make sure some of your alts are at the same place.

The really cool bonus is that if you do see someone who has outdone your best efforts, you can scan them to find out where they got their stuff.  You just know, that right this moment, there is a guy in a basement, thong lost somewhere in the many folds that now define this backside and thighs, masterfully creating a giant penis hat that blows bubbles out the tip, with your name all over it. 

You can take pictures of the other stupid people and keep them handy so that if anyone comes into the room and catches you in SL while you are dressed as a prancing unicorn with uncontained double K's damaging anyone who gets in your way (we had to come up with some kind of instrument of mass destruction once we no longer had those hooped ballroom gowns that could take out an entire shoe department with a single turn)you have some means of distracting their judgement.  "Forget what I look like on the screen - look at this naked guy with the giant cow udder on his head!"

OR, you could just use an alias on screen and when they come in, you can burst into tears, tell them you have been griefed and then while they are moving in for a closer look, squinting at the screen, knock out the power cord with your foot.  Proof!!  You were griefed and they trashed your computer.   You could use your mental health problems (yes that is what is probably going on if you are dressed as a unicorn with huge breasts and actually meeting people and having "meaningful relationships.") to make some money.  


Crowdfunding can be awesome and if your mom starts it up for you, so believable.  You just keep the computer unplugged, cry about it and insist you need the computer to be able to speak to your therapist and enrol in an online healing course and BINGO!!  

Lots of real money = even more lots of Lindens.   

Monkey butt bra, here you come!!

(Bliss does not shop at Walmart.  She has never seen, owned, or even touched a monkey butt.  Unfortunately, she has a working knowledge of cow udders.)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya  Mesh Body - Lara
HEAD APPLIER:  Amara Beauty Tori
EYES:  .ARISE. Tria Eyes / Floor
HAIR:  .:EMO-tions:. * ANNIK *
HEAD PIECE:  *LODE* Head Accessory - Morning Glory [red]
NECKLACE:  (Kunglers) Adele necklace - Olive
DRESS:  ISON - sahara wrap dress
SHOES:  R.icielli - NANCY High Heels for Maitreya
POSES:  PoseSion
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